Inspire 1 v2.0 FAQ

Inspire 1 v2.0 FAQ

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Inspire 1 v2.0 Specs

RC & Video Transmission

1. How do I solve a large margin mid-point error?
Use the DJI GO app to calibrate the remote controller.

2. How long does it take to charge a remote controller?
Fully  charging the Inspire 1 remote controller takes approximately 6 hours.  It can be used for approximately 4 hours after being fully charged.

3. What is the largest tablet that will fit in the remote controller’s mobile device mount?
The mount can support an iPad Air or other similar-sized tablet. Tablets should be no more than 170mm wide.

4.  Under which circumstances can the Inspire 1 transmit video over  distances of 5 km? Does this require any specific configuration?
5 km video transmission can be achieved when the display resolution is 720DPI or lower and there is no interference.

5. Is there any delay when transmitting video, if so, how long is the delay? 
The transmitted video usually has a 220ms delay.

6. Can the HDMI port and the USB port transmit a video signal at the same time?
As long as the function is activated, the device can transmit video through both ports simultaneously.

7. What is the maximum allowable distance between the master remote controller and the slave remote controller?
The master remote controller and the slave remote controller can maintain a connection at distances up to 50 meters.

8. How many slave remote controllers can be connected at the same time?
No  more than 6 slave remote controllers (3 for Japan version) can be  connected at the same time. The primary slave remote controller will be  able to change the camera settings, as well as the tilt and yaw of the  gimbal. The other slave remote controllers can only be used to change  the parameters of the camera.

Camera & Gimbal

1. How can I eliminate the fish-eye effect in my pictures and videos?
The  Inspire 1’s camera has only a very minimal “fish-eye” effect, especially  when compared to other flying platforms. Dedicated lens profiles for  Adobe products such as Photoshop or After Effects will be released soon.  Note: The focal length of the Inspire 1 lens is equivalent to 20mm.

2. Can the tilt and pan of the camera be controlled through the DJI GO app?
Yes.  Just press and hold your finger on the Camera page of the GO app for a  few seconds. A circle will appear, which can then be dragged to adjust  the orientation of the camera.

3. How many bytes per minute does shooting a 4K video generate? How much video can a 16GB SD card hold?
4K video generates 450MB per minute. At this rate, a 16GB SD card can hold up to 36 minutes of footage.

4. Why does the video sometimes seem blurry, even when shooting under normal indoor lighting conditions?
In  your DJI Pilot app, check whether you are recording in PAL or NTSC  format and confirm that it matches the format that is used by your  display device. NTSC (60 Hz) is standard in the United States and Japan.  PAL (50 Hz) is commonly used in EU countries and in China. Your video  may appear blurry if it is not formatted correctly for the display  device you are using.  

5. Is it normal for the integrated camera fan to occasionally start and/or stop after turning on the Inspire 1?
This  is completely normal. The cooling fan is built in to protect critical  sensors, ensuring that normal temperatures are maintained and the camera  can function properly. When the sensor temperature exceeds 30 ℃, the  fan is automatically activated. The fan is turned off when the  temperature drops below 20 ℃. 


1. Can I carry the Inspire 1 Intelligent Flight Battery on a commercial airplane?
Restrictions  for bringing batteries in carry-on luggage may vary across airlines and  regions. For accurate information and guidelines, please contact your  airline or the regulatory body of your destination. 

2. How do I check the total remaining life of my battery?
Press  and hold the circular power button for 5 seconds to check the battery  life. The Battery Level Indicators will light up and/or blink for 10  seconds. Remaining battery life is also displayed in the DJI Pilot app.

3.  Is there an auto-discharge function for the Inspire 1 Intelligent  Flight Battery? To what extent should I discharge the battery?
To  prevent swelling, the battery automatically discharges to below 65% of  its total power capacity if it is not used for more than 10 days. It  takes approximately 2 days to discharge a fully charged battery’s power  level to 65%. It is normal to feel moderate heat emanating from the  battery during this process. Discharge thresholds can be modified using  the DJI GO app. To manually discharge the battery, do the following:
Slow:  Place the Intelligent Flight Battery into the Inspire 1 battery  compartment and turn it on. Leave it on until less than 8% power  remains, or until the battery can no longer be turned on. Launch the DJI  GO app to check battery levels.
Rapid: Fly the Inspire 1 outdoors until less than 40% of the battery’s capacity remains.
4. Why is a full charge/discharge needed after every 20 battery cycles?

After  prolonged use, the internal charge indicator thresholds can become less  accurate. Performing a full charge/discharge cycle can re-calibrate the  charging parameters and extend the life of the battery. 

Using the app

1. Can the Inspire 1 sync photos and videos to a mobile device through app, in the same way that the Phantom 2 Vision+ can?
Photos are available when a mobile device is paired with the master remote controller and can be downloaded to the device.

2. What does the 'Star' button on the app’s Camera page do?
This  button is used to save videos to the mobile device. By tapping this  button, you can quickly and easily save the most recent 5 seconds of  recorded video directly to the mobile device.

3. Do I need to register on the DJI GO app?
The GO app can function without registration when it is being used offline, but registration is required for online use.


1. Why does it seem like some frames are lost when shooting 4K video? 
4K  video is recorded at a rate of 30 frames per second, so the lower rate  may make it seem like frames are being lost, especially when shooting  fast-moving objects. Alternatively, the issue may be related to your  display device. 

2. The connection of the Inspire 1’s arms to the landing gear seems a bit loose. Is this normal?
The  Inspire 1 boasts an advanced industrial design that allows for a  moderate degree of movement at the arm connection point. This serves to  reduce vibrations during flight.

3. How can I be sure that my Intelligent Flight Battery is an official DJI battery?
Both the Inspire 1 and DJI GO app have the ability to identify compatible, authentic accessories.
If you are able to successfully turn on the Inspire 1, the battery is likely an authentic DJI battery
The DJI GO app will display an alert in the “Overall Status” section if it detects a counterfeit or defective battery
If  there is a problem with the battery, the GO app will display an alert  when activating the Inspire 1 using the Combination Stick Command
If  there is a problem with the battery, the LED indicator on the back of  your Inspire 1 will glow solid RED and you will hear a rapid beeping  sound
4.  Are the two remote controllers the same? Should I setup the remote  controllers in the app or somewhere else to control the camera and  aircraft separately?

The  two remote controllers are physically identical. You can set the remote  controllers to either "Master" or "Slave" through the DJI GO app if you  wish to use dual controller mode.

5. Can I upgrade and buy a second remote controller if I only buy a single remote controller now?

6. How big is the Inspire 1?
Its length x height x width dimensions without the propellers attached are 44 x 30 x 45cm (17.3 x 11.8 x 17.7in).

7. What flight controller does the Inspire 1 use?
The Inspire 1 uses its own new flight controller.

8. Which motors and propellers does the Inspire 1 come with?
The Inspire 1 uses 3510H motors and 1345T propellers.

9. Does the Inspire 1 have a SD card included?
The Inspire 1 comes with a 16GB micro-SD card. It supports SD cards up to 64GB.

10. How can I put a GO Pro camera on the Inspire 1?
The Inspire 1 does not currently support GO Pro attachments. The gimbal is designed to hold DJI cameras only.

11. Is the camera's exposure automatic?
The exposure can be set to Auto, for automatic changes, or Manual, if you wish to use a specific setting.

12. How much weight can the Inspire 1 carry without its included camera?
We do not recommend flying with any payload other than the included DJI gimbal and camera.

13. Can I see the size of images through the app?
Yes, you can preview image or video sizes through the DJI GO app.

14. Do you have an LCD monitor available for the Inspire 1?
No,  DJI does not sell LCD or HD monitors for the Inspire 1. However, you  can output the live streaming video to a compatible monitor or mobile  device of your own.

15. How long does it take to charge the battery? Does it comes with a charger?
Yes, all Inspire 1 units come with standard TB47 charger.
With the standard TB47 100W charger, it takes 85min to fully charge a 4500mAh battery.
16. Can the mobile device holder be used on the Phantom 2 series remote controller?
No, it cannot. The mobile device holder can only be used with the Inspire 1 remote.

17. Where can I find info on the simulation application that plugs into the trainer port? Can you suggest a simulation program?
There is no trainer port on the remote controller for the Inspire 1.

18. When will ground station functionality be available?
The Inspire 1 does not currently support ground station.

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