Zenmuse Z3 FAQ

Zenmuse Z3 FAQ

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Zenmuse Z3 Specs

1. What are the Zenmuse Z3's zoom specs? What type of zoom does it have?

3.5x optical zoom and 2x lossless digital zoom for a total focal range equivalent to 22mm to 77mm. Optical zoom and digital zoom create a combined zoom range of 7x. Lossless zoom requires a maximum recording resolution of 1080p.

2. Does the DJI Osmo support the Zenmuse Z3?

Yes, please make sure the Z3 firmware is up to date.

3. What industry applications are suitable for the Zenmuse Z3? What specific usage scenarios are there?

The Zenmuse Z3 is designed for industry applications including equipment inspection, fire control, search and rescue and building inspection.Specific usage scenarios are as follows:
-Inspection of electrical equipment such as power lines and towers.
-Allow rescue workers in search and rescue scenarios to zoom in and identify possible survivors.
-Better inspect issues found during building inspections by zooming in on the subject.

4. Is the Zenmuse Z3 sold with compatible flight platforms?

No. The Zenmuse Z3 will be sold independently on the DJI Online Store and at DJI dealers.

5. What is the difference between the Zenmuse Z3 and Zenmuse X3?

The Zenmuse Z3 features a real-time 3.5x optical zoom and a 2x digital zoom for a focal range of 22mm to 77mm, an adjustable field of view and an adjustable focus point. The Zenmuse X3 is a 20mm prime lens.

6. Why is video shot at 7x zoom shaky?

Video shot at 7x zoom will be shaky. This is the result of the extended focal length, which magnifies the image, reducing the performance of stabilization systems. This shake does not affect still image capture. Still image capture is recommended when zoomed in.

7. Can I adjust focus point during shooting? If yes, how?

Yes. Auto-focus can be used to focus on any area on the display. In auto-focus mode, tap the display to select the area of focus.

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