Zenmuse X3 FAQ

Zenmuse X3 FAQ

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Zenmuse X3 Specs

1. How can I eliminate the fish-eye effect in my pictures and videos?

The Inspire 1’s camera has only a very minimal “fish-eye” effect, especially when compared to other flying platforms. Dedicated lens profiles for Adobe products such as Photoshop or After Effects will be released soon. Note: The focal length of the Inspire 1 lens is equivalent to 20mm.

2. Can the tilt and pan of the camera be controlled through the DJI GO app?

Yes. Just press and hold your finger on the Camera page of the GO app for a few seconds. A circle will appear, which can then be dragged to adjust the orientation of the camera.

3. How many bytes per minute does shooting a 4K video generate? How much video can a 16GB SD card hold?

4K video generates 450MB per minute. At this rate, a 16GB SD card can hold up to 36 minutes of footage.

4. Why does the video sometimes seem blurry, even when shooting under normal indoor lighting conditions?

In your DJI Pilot app, check whether you are recording in PAL or NTSC format and confirm that it matches the format that is used by your display device. NTSC (60 Hz) is standard in the United States and Japan. PAL (50 Hz) is commonly used in EU countries and in China. Your video may appear blurry if it is not formatted correctly for the display device you are using.

5. Is it normal for the integrated camera fan to occasionally start and/or stop after turning on the Inspire 1?

This is completely normal. The cooling fan is built in to protect critical sensors, ensuring that normal temperatures are maintained and the camera can function properly. When the sensor temperature exceeds 30 ℃, the fan is automatically activated. The fan is turned off when the temperature drops below 20 ℃.

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