Transportation Networks

Transportation Networks

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Today’s cities rely on an extensive transportation infrastructure to drive the commerce that makes them economic power houses. Much of our infrastructure, however, was built in the previous century, necessitating regular inspections to ensure not only efficiency, but also public safety. All DJI aircraft support a range of UAV photogrammetry apps, allowing for the recovery of exact positions of surface points from aerial images captured by DJI platforms. This information can be quickly processed through customized software to create centimeter accurate 2D orthomosaics and maps, as well as 3D virtual models that can be explored as if in the space. This information allows transportation experts to evaluate the needs of the environments they work in more effectively.UAVs can also be used to monitor traffic flows, providing an overhead view in areas where this would otherwise require aircraft. The insights this provides could help minimize congestion and eliminate accident and traffic hot spots.

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Matrice 200 Series

Versatile platform for flying thermal or visual sensors so teams can capture high quality data for detailed and accurate maps, orthomosaics and 3D models.

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