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DJI’s UAV platforms allow GIS professionals to quickly collect geo-referenced aerial images. All DJI platforms geo-tag images with GPS information which can be processed with photogrammetry to produce point clouds, orthomosaics, and digital terrain models. Prior to UAVs, such mapping could only be achieved by aircraft. Now, mapping technology is drastically more accessible, allowing individuals and organizations to capture and document the world around them. For the highest accuracy data, we recommend you utilize ground control points (GCPs) when capturing your data. You can then tag the GCPs during processing to produce outputs with centimetre accuracy. The Inspire 1 is a powerful ready-to-fly mapping tool, or deploy the Matrice series to customise your own solution. Our Zenmuse series of cameras offer several options in terms of resolution and weight. Our M600 platform can carry a wide range of full frame camera systems to meet unique project needs.

Our Product Solutions

Matrice 200 Series

Versatile platform for flying thermal or visual sensors so teams can capture high quality data for detailed and accurate maps, orthomosaics and 3D models.

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