Inspire 1: Slave Controller Losing Video Feed

Inspire 1: Slave Controller Losing Video Feed

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Modified on: Wed, 13 Mar, 2019 at 4:13 PM


The master controller is working with no issue. The slave controller is having severe video transmission issues when the drone is 200-300 ft away, rendering the slave controller useless.


There are several likely issues that may cause this.

  1. Frequency congestion: is one or both display devices transmitting on Wi-Fi or LTE? If so, try setting both on “Airplane mode”. Is there a public safety vehicle broadcasting Wi-Fi? If so, move both controllers away.
  2. Frequency and Attenuation: how close is the slave controller in relation to the master controller. For optimum performance both devices should be no closer than 12’ or 3.5 meters.
  3. Antenna placement: Are antennas raised to a 45° angle (to start) and then try 90°
  4. Obstacles: are there people (observers) standing close to or between both Master & Slave Units?
  5. Image Transmission Settings: Verify and if necessary, manually select a less congested channel

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